Why Study MBBS in China?

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As an international student, why choose China as the destination for studying MBBS? There are many other options in the world to study MBBS, Scholarships International helping students to find their dreamed destinations to study, so why students go to China for MBBS? and Click Here for European Union Internship Program 2022

Chinese Government Scholarships Application Procedure 2021

High-level education and research

First of all, #StudyMBBSinChina is affordable. In addition to low tuition fees, universities that provide MBA courses to Chinese students are generally well-ranked and equipped with high-end and cutting-edge technology and research. To be honest, over the years, China has invested a lot of money in research. According to the data of the National Foundation of the United States, in 2016 the number of scientific papers published in China surpassed that of the United States for the first time. This is a huge achievement. To be precise, there are 426,000 publications in China, and 409,000 in the United States. According to the Nature Index, in 2018, China ranked second in quality of research papers published in 82 leading journals, second only to the United States. Many people have said that China’s education is not as good as that of the West, but today this view has changed. Health has been listed as a major priority for China. Currently, there are about 100 national clinical research centers in China. Today, China has become a high-producer of clinical guidelines, and its capabilities have been strengthened year after year.

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Affordability of Tuition Fees & Availability of Admissions

One of the main reasons why international students come to China to study MBBS is the affordability of tuition provided by China Medical University. Generally speaking, the tuition fees of medical universities that provide MBBS in China are between RMB 18,000 and RMB 20,000, which makes the tuition fees of Pakistani students much more affordable than private medical universities in their own country. On the other hand, although China has better facilities, equipment, professors, research and hospitals compared with other developing countries, international students are more likely to enter China Medical University.

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Accreditation from various World Bodies

On the other hand, China Medical University enjoys a wide range of accreditations worldwide, which is also a crucial factor. There are a large number of MBBS (clinical medicine) universities in China that have obtained the certification of ECFMG, WDOMS, WCAME, WFME, FAIMER, A-list of PMC (Pakistan Medical Council) and other international institutions. Students who have completed the MBBS course in China can easily take the USMLE, PLAB, AMC, HPCSA, PMC and other worldwide license exams.

Chinese Government Scholarship 2021 Step by Step Guide

Affordable and high standard of living

Living in China is both affordable and has a high standard of living. Generally speaking, a monthly fee of 600 yuan should be enough to cover the student’s food and daily expenses. However, please note that the cost of each person may vary according to his/her standard of living.

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Quality Transportation

As a worldwide understudy willing to Study MBBS in China, another significant concern would be transportation. China is furnished with a wide range of present day transportation frameworks, both bury and intra urban areas. For between city transportation, the neighborhood transport framework, BRT and Subways are profoundly evolved, moderate and simple to get to. Then again, intra-city transportation is exceptionally grown as well, with Railway being the significant method of transportation in China. With CRH trains arriving at a speed of around 350 Km/hr, the span of making a trip abbreviates enormously contrasted with routinely famous methods of transportation like transports somewhere else in the agricultural nations. Then again, one can utilize planes or transports for going between the urban communities also.

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 5,000 years old history of China

Before the Covid-19 circumstance, China had arrived at 492,185 International understudies concentrating in China. Global understudies coming to contemplate MBBS in China can likewise learn and investigate probably the most established human progress on Earth with a set of experiences returning to 2,700 BC. China has a rich culture and legacy and astounding relics to visit and gain from. A few features are the Great Wall of China Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the Dali Pagodas, The Forbidden City, and so on

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Extremely Safe and Friendly Environment

China is probably the most secure nation on Earth for International understudies to go to. The Chinese public are amazingly amicable and accommodating and never wish to raise any sort of ruckus to outsiders overall. The feeling that all is well with the world is high to such an extent that one can undoubtedly circumvent the city around evening time unafraid. This anyway doesn’t intend to be imprudent, it’s in every case preferred to be cautious over grieved. General society doesn’t claim firearms in China, in case one is found to possess a weapon, it is a wrongdoing culpable with no less than 3 years of jail, which adds to the wellbeing and less wrongdoing. Chinese individuals are for the most part harmony cherishing and great public security wins. Global understudies willing to Study MBBS in China shouldn’t be stressed over security and can boldly pick China as their supported objective for MBBS.

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A Chance to learn Chinese Language

Chinese is known as the oldest written language in the world and the most spoken language in the world. In addition to studying MBBS in China, you can also learn Chinese, which will increase your language treasure. Due to China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative, many Chinese companies are expanding their businesses globally, which gives people who can speak and understand Chinese and Chinese culture a plus point in finding high-paying and good jobs in these Chinese companies. Therefore, while studying MBBS in China, it is strongly recommended to learn Chinese, which may bring additional benefits to your future life.

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Hospitals for internship

Students studying MBBS in China also have the opportunity to intern in university hospitals.

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To be honest, this is an excellent opportunity because you can work with some of the best and most skilled doctors in a hospital equipped with the latest machines and technology, rather than in a clean and highly organized hospital.

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Friendly and cooperative Professors

The professors and lecturers of Chinese universities are very friendly. According to my experience, if an international student studying MBBS in China cannot understand something, the professor will do his/her best to explain it in detail. If the student still does not fully understand, the professor can invite the student to his/her own office to further explain the topic in detail after class. The best thing about teaching MBBS in China is that they are willing to pass on their knowledge to their students, and are very happy to teach their students and see their students achieve success.

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An International Environment

If you are willing to study MBBS in China, in addition to all the benefits mentioned above, one more thing that needs your attention is exposure to an international environment, which may increase your self-confidence and the way you view the world. In your class, you may find students from different countries, ethnicities and skin colors. This gives you the opportunity to merge with people of different cultures and get to know them, so that you have the opportunity to learn more about the different countries that the earth is endowed by the Almighty God.

Finally, it can be easily concluded that studying MBBS in China is a good choice for international students. Our international scholarship works for your bright future and has been dedicated to helping international students obtain MBBS admission in China since 2007. So, please don’t worry, please trust us and let us help you realize your dreams and help you enter MBBS in China.

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