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In first step you need to select most suitable Universities according to your subject at which you are interested to study.

After selecting a suitable Universities, you have visit University Official website for admission or scholarship application or Apply Admission Online through Scholarships International by providing all required scanned documents to Scholarships International at Apply Admission Online. For Detailed Information or communication you can reach us at [email protected] or [email protected] or +92-3138964001 in order to apply for scholarship and admission to study in China. Please make sure that provided documents are scanned but not pictures taken using cell phone. In case of incomplete or fake documents lead to disqualification.

Having provided all documents and application processing fee USD$50 to Scholarships International (In case of scholarship or admission not granted half of processing fee will be refundable to candidates) and University application fee (if wants to apply in University that required application fee, not refundable), after that you have to sit back and let Scholarships International admission experts do apply for you to Universities all over the world (Country and University Specified by the applicants). (Our experts will keep you up to date on application status)

How to pay Scholarships International application processing fee

Scholarships International application processing fee is USD$50 (In case of scholarship or admission not granted half of processing fee USD$25 will be refundable to candidates).

  1. After submission of application, in a few days’ your application will be processed by Universities admission experts then admission letter will be issued. After approval from University your JW202 visa application form will be issued through MOE China and sent to applicants provided address (However due to Covid-19, students are not yet allowed to travel to China, in this case students will be given online classes. Once the situation gets betters, Chinese embassy or Consulate will issue study visa and then you can travel to China).
  2. After successfully granted admission to Study in China, you will pay your University Admission/Registration/Tuition fee at your own, but if needed Scholarships International will also help you pay your fee to University according to the financial expense and the choice of your University in RMB (currency exchange rate may apply).

Scholarships International will take the responsibility of all candidates and assure their timely application which can be tracked anytime

Our Social Media Accounts
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