Study in Canada 2021-2022

Why Study in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world by land area, second only to Russia, with a population density of about 4 people per square kilometer

Canada has 96 universities located in cities and regions, most of which welcome international students. One special thing about Canada is that there are two national languages-yes, you probably already know: English is spoken in most of the west, and French is spoken in the east of Quebec. As an ESL or FSL student, if you want to broaden your horizons, Canada is the best choice!

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Of course, the premise is that you don’t mind the annoying winter. Like anywhere in the world, humans are a reflection of the environment. From the rugged mountains of British Columbia to large underground shopping malls connected to subway stations, Canadian and international students see what is burdensome for some people as a source of purity, kindness, and excellence in higher education.

As we all know, Canadians are a very friendly group of people. In addition, in the case of excessive motivation for studying as an international student in Canada, this country has always been on the edge of social system and technology, which makes it very suitable for the open nature of students studying abroad.

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Canadian Universities Without IELTS Scholarships

Canada’s major cities—Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal—if you want to study in Canada, you might target these cities first. According to the QS Best Study Abroad Cities Rankings in 2018-2020, Montréal is the fourth best city in the world for studying abroad, Toronto ranks 13th and Vancouver ranks 17th!

However, some of the most internationally respected universities in the United States are also located between these two regions. Therefore, depending on your field of study, your preferred geographic location, and your tolerance for cold, you may find it more enjoyable to study outside of the three main cities.

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QS World University Rankings 2021 places 26 out of Canada’s 96 universities

Here is the list of top 10 Universities that offers Scholarship:

If Canada did not study a wide range of courses from computer science and information technology to media and journalism, from agricultural science and forestry to business and finance, it would not receive approximately 572,000 international students each year. You will surely find a degree that suits you!

There are more than 150 universities in Canada that offer short courses and diplomas. You may find a job that suits your ideals very well. Although you must go through the same procedure to obtain a student visa, you may save some overall tuition fees.

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Popular Courses in Canada

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Canada will provide you with the necessary knowledge and qualifications to pursue a career in your chosen field or continue to pursue a master’s/doctorate degree. The degree structure of the undergraduate program takes a more liberal approach in terms of the courses you can choose in your field of study. After completing each course, you will receive a certain amount of credits.

A student can choose from many courses offered in the department he or she is studying. This is different from the French degree structure, in which the college decides which courses need to be taken in each semester. The admissions competition at most universities is fierce. If English is not your first language, you need to take an ability test. Any proof of high school grades will increase your chances of being admitted.

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Master’s Degrees

Until recent years, Canada (and the United States) only accepted students with a four-year bachelor’s degree into their master’s programs, while most countries offer bachelor’s programs that can be completed within 3 years. However, the demand for international students who wish to study in Canada has increased dramatically (an increase of 11% since 2017), and Canadian universities now accept a 3-year bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite for the master’s program.

Most master’s programs take 1-2 years to complete and are completed in the form of a Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Arts (MA). If you want to further reduce your graduate degree, you can also choose Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Engineering, or Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

A master’s degree costs approximately 13,000-20,500 Canadian dollars per year.

Canada has a great Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) to further encourage international students to get jobs after completing their graduate studies. After completing the postgraduate course, 90% of those who stayed in Canada got into work within 6 months.

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Do you want to take your graduate studies one step further? Whether you have completed your master’s degree elsewhere or you are accumulating a little bit now, finding a suitable PhD program in Canada will bring a lot of benefits.

Similarly, Canada’s tuition for international students pursuing a PhD is more attractive than its North American neighbors, Australia and the United Kingdom. Some Canadian universities are reducing or even abolishing the additional costs of international doctorate programs. There are currently nearly 200,000 international students pursuing PhD degrees in Canada, and it takes three to six years to complete their studies. After completing a PhD, you can obtain a 3-year work permit, which may eventually lead to permanent residence or citizenship.

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Postdoctoral researchers, who choose to stay in academia after completing their doctorate. Most universities have their own internal research institutions, but there are also many external institutions that can help organizations or institutions to place files.

Top Scholarships to Apply for in Canada

International Student and Exchanges

Not only is it cost-effective to study abroad, it is also an opportunity to see the world without making such a big investment. If you decide to study in a Canadian university for four years, but feel it is too cold, what would you do? The people there are so nice?

Your current or future university in your home country may have an exclusive partnership with a Canadian university. Queen’s University offers 220 exchange partnerships in more than 40 countries. The University of Victoria has more than 300 partners worldwide.

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Study Insurance

Another benefit of studying in Canada is that some provinces provide some form of health insurance for international students for free! The important thing to check here is what medical insurance covers, because this varies greatly from province to province. If you will study in a province that does not provide free medical insurance, you will need to make your own arrangements when applying for a student visa.

Also note that whether you are buying health insurance or applying for free health insurance, time is very important! Some insurances do not apply after you arrive in Canada. Be sure to confirm this in your research.

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Funding to Study in Canada

Although the course fees for international students look like pocket money compared to other countries, paying for higher education is still very difficult. Unless you have a profitable tree in your family, you are likely to apply for a scholarship to help cut some expenses.

Canadian universities offer a wide range of scholarships, ranging from academic and sports achievements to more specific personal research fields. It’s also a good idea to delve into the institutions in your home country that offer scholarships for studying abroad.

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How to Apply to Study in Canada

The application varies from institution to institution, but in general, you need to prove your language ability, provide transcripts of previous education, prove economic stability, and medical insurance. Ensuring that you meet all the requirements of the institution you want to apply to is a critical step to save trouble in the future.

When applying to most universities, you need to choose major. If you are not sure what this is, don’t worry. Canadian universities are generally more flexible and late in majors.

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Language Requirements

Since Canada is a bilingual country, courses at Canadian universities will be taught in English or French. Even if your native language is English or French, you still need to take a language proficiency test. If you are applying for a native English-speaking university, the IELTS test can be accepted by all universities. In French, TEF is the most commonly used and accepted.

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