List of Scholarships and Fellowships in Australia

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Fully-funded Scholarships in Australia under Australian universities are available for international students across the world. We Scholarships International created the list of verified Australian Scholarships in all Universities in Australia and share it with you here for free. These openings are for undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees & Postdoctoral and General research Scholars at various Australian universities.

23 World Top Ranked Scholarship for International Students in 2021

Scholarships are open in all subjects under Australian Universities including following 

  • Architecture, building, planning, and design
  • Arts, humanities, and social sciences
  • Business and economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Information technology and computer science
  • Law
  • Music, visual and performing arts
  • Science
  • Veterinary, agricultural, and food sciences

Thousands of fully-funded scholarships available for interested international students at Scholarships International who wish to pursue their academic degrees in Australia. All these scholarships are funded by the Australian government and the universities in Australia.

List of Scholarships in Australia in 2021

List of Top Fellowships/Scholarships in 2021 for BS-MS Ph.D. & Postdoc

To help you find fully-funded scholarships all over the world and save your time,  we Scholarships International have listed the #top #scholarships in #Australia that you can see out before you considering your application to colleges and universities in Australia.

#1 Australia Awards Fully Funded Scholarship

The Australia Awards Scholarship (Fully-funded Australian Government awards) is previously called the Australian Development Scholarship, or ADS. This is a fully-funded scholarship by the Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade Department to individuals belongs to developing countries for undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees & Postdoctoral and General research Scholars at various Australian universities.

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Australia Award Fully Funded Scholarship 2021

#2 Australia National University, International Postgraduate Research Scholarship 

Australian National University, #undergraduate,  #postgraduate  Postdoctoral and General research Scholars positions are open for talented international students who want to work and study in Australia. It could be done at either a Master’s or Ph.D., degree. These awards can provide full funding for health insurance and tuition fee.

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Australian Government Fully Funded Scholarship

#The University of Sydney, International Research Scholarship 

International students who want to pursue their study in research-based #undergraduate,  #postgraduate or Ph.D., Postdoctoral degrees in Australia at the University of Sydney can apply for the scholarship, which covers the tuition fee and provides a living allowance as well for a period of a maximum of 2-4 years depending upon the course.

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Ph.D. Postdoctoral & Faculty Position in Australia

#5 International Scholarship at Macquarie University

Macquarie University scholarship partially covers the tuition fee for students with excellent academic grades, who wish to enroll in graduate or undergraduate programs at the university.

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Post-Doc and Ph.D Fellowship at University of NEWCASTLE

#6 University of Melbourne Scholarship 

The University of Melbourne scholarship is given to research students who have excellent academic performance. This award covers the tuition fee, relocation grant, and provides a living allowance as well.

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Ph.D Postdoctoral & Faculty Position in Australia

#7 Scholarship at University of Adelaide

The Adelaide Scholarships International program is offered by the University to postgraduate students from all over the world to come and conduct research at the University. The University of Adelaide Scholarship provides tuition fees, living allowance, as well as health insurance.

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Huazhong Agricultural University, China (Chinese Government Scholarship Program)

#8Flinders University Scholarship

You can apply for Flinders University Scholarships in Australia also. Students who wish to enroll for a research-based degree at Flinders University may be given the Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (FIPRS). This award covers tuition fees for international students, relocation costs, air tickets, and also provides a living allowance.

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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Ph.D Postdoctoral and Faculty Position


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