Scholarships International provide E-filing lawyers to file their documents electronically. We are a certified electronic filing service provider

Documents Attestation

Getting different documents notarized and attested from Pakistan often ask about the meanings and authority as per the law. Click here for Notarization and Attestation

Students Legal Support

Scholarships International Offer Several Legal Services to Students all Over the World, such as Health Insurance law, Accidental law, Student Discipline law

Scholarships International Legal Advisor
Our Legal Advisor

Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal, B.Ed, LLB, MBA an enthusiastic PhD scholar and Legal consultant, Currently working Scholarships International legal consultancy firm and Providing valuable Attorney services to clients all over the world, especially in E-Filing, Documents Attestation and legal advisory for criminal, accidental, health, disciplinary, Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Credit Trading and Corporate Lawyer services, practicing at Bar Council and conducting research at the College of Management and Economics (COME), Tianjin University, P.R China.

For Your Legal and Social concerns, hire our legal team to find and file best solutions for rest of your life………………..!

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