Lowa State University Post-Doc Research Position in Plant Biology

Position Title

Research Associate- Plant Biology

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

We seek a post-doctoral researcher to assess the role of protein kinase cascades and transcription factors in the regulation of autophagy in Arabidopsis in response to environmental stress. The postdoc will analyze Arabidopsis mutants using genetic, molecular, and phosphoproteomic approaches and construct regulatory networks that integrate phosphorylation and transcriptional activation events.

Lowa State University
Postdoctoral Positions in Plant Biology

Required Minimum Qualifications


Preferred Qualifications

Experience with plant molecular or cell biology; experience with proteomics and Bioinformatics; excellent publication record in international journals; no more than 3 years of prior postdoc experience.

Department/Program & College Description

Genetics, Development and Cell Biology

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