King Abdulaziz University International Scholarships 2021

Scholarships Privileges

King Abdulaziz University announced fully funded scholarships for Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. students across the planet. Scholarship Privileges include A monthly bursary, A preparation allowance when coming for the primary time, The candidate would receive health care, Providing accommodation and facilities, Subsidized meals are often provided for International students.

This scholarship is obtainable to students from outside the dominion supported the Kingdom’s relations with other countries linked through Islamic, Arab, fraternal, and cultural grounds.
Scholarships are offered in numerous programs of King Abdulaziz University of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Scholarships Terms and Conditions for Scholarship


I. The scholar must be of fine conduct and behavior.

II. The scholar must pledge to abide by the foundations and regulations of the university.

III. The applicant must be medically fit.

IV. Must hold a higher certificate or its equivalent from inside or outside the dominion.

V. Must be committed to full scrutiny (for those students attending morning sessions).

VI. Shouldn’t exceed three years from the date of receiving the upper school certificate.

VII. The age for undergraduates shouldn’t be but 17 years or over 25 years.

VIII. The scholar mustn’t be dismissed from any of the colleges for any reason.

IX. The must do, not receive scholarships from other universities within the Kingdom.

X. Female students must be among a male guardian (Mahram) who should be either on scholarship or a resident of the Kingdom holding a sound residence permit (Iqama).

XI. Good command of written and spoken Arabic could be a pre-condition for joining the BA program.

Scholarship Application Procedure (online application links given below)

King Abdulaziz University KAU  online portal demo

I The scholar must apply through the university website (Scholarship Gateway) or through the Embassy / Consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their respective countries.
II. The applicant information is verified for its accuracy.
III. The knowledge is submitted to the Ministry for approval and acceptance.
IV. The applicants are to be notified to go to the Embassy of the Kingdom for attestation of documents.
V. The visa is issued to the coed so as to finish the mandatory formalities for the trip to the dominion of the Asian nation.

Benefits of Scholarship

I. The candidates will enjoy all benefits that are provided to college students like sports activities, university trips, and sociocultural activities.
II. Offer subsidized meals.
III. Suitable accommodation and appropriate scientific, social, cultural care and guidance.
IV. Ticket for student only at the top of every year as per the principles.
V. Monthly stipend.
VI. Two months stipend upon arrival as preparation allowance.
VII. Distinction allowance for outstanding students.
VIII. Three months stipend as a graduation allowance for shipment of books.
IX. Avail university sports facilities.
X. Health care facilities for the coed.

General Scholarship Rules

I. The prevailing regulations within the Kingdom denounce extremism and terrorism all told its forms and manifestations.
II. The residency law of the Kingdom applies to scholarship students and so must adhere thereto.
III. The scholars are under university sponsorship during scholarship and therefore the university is chargeable for them throughout their stay.
IV. The scholar can apply for a family visa in line with the applicable rules and regulations within the Kingdom.
V. It’s mandatory that the travel documents/passport available with the scholar should allow them to return to the country from where these documents are obtained with no terms and conditions.
VI. No student on scholarship has the right to transfer from one university to a different one.
VII. If the external scholarship student postpones the study or withdraws and just in case the university desires to bring back the candidates, then the university will contact the Ministry of External Affairs to permit the scholar to continue further study.
VIII. It’s prohibited for students on scholarship to figure for companies, institutions, or individuals during the study.

End of Scholarship

I. The external scholarship student should leave the dominion after completing the studies within a period not exceeding three months from the completion date.
II. If the particular duration of the scholarship program ends, then it’s not permissible to increase the duration quite half period the specified to complete the program.


Eligibility Requirements


Scholarships offered in Programs

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