How to apply for MBBS in China?

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Students all over the world including Pakistani, Indian, Bangladesh, Siri-Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, finishing their 12th grade or Senior High School such as (F.Sc/Intermediate/A-Levels) are willing to get into a Medical field in renowned Medical University either in their home country or abroad, to pursue their future goal of becoming a doctor.

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In this article, we scholarships International will guide you through the procedure to apply to Study MBBS in China through Scholarships International following very easy steps:

  1. In first step you need to select a University at which you are interested to study MBBS. But being not well known to the Universities names and ranking, Scholarships International will help you to choose a University suitable for your requirements. (Click here to See list of Universities approved by Pakistan Medical and Dental Association-PMC, Medical Council of India-MCI/National Medical Council-NMC and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council-BMDC)
  2. After selecting a suitable University, you have visit University Official website or to provide scanned documents to Scholarships International at [email protected] or +92-3138964001 in order to apply for admission to study MBBS in China. Please make sure that provided documents are scanned but not pictures taken using cell phone. In case of incomplete or fake documents lead to disqualification.
  3. Having provided all documents and the application processing fee which is USD$50, you have to sit back and let Scholarships International admission experts do apply for you to University to Study MBBS in China. (Our experts will keep you up to date on application status)
  4. After submission of application, in a few days’ your admission letter will be issued and then your JW202 visa application form as well from MOE China (However due to Covid-19, students are not yet allowed to travel to China, in this case students will be given online classes. Once the situation gets betters, Chinese embassy or Consulate will issue study visa and then you can travel to China).
  5. After successfully granted admission to Study MBBS in China, you will pay your admission and University tuition fee at your own, but if needed Scholarships International will also help you pay your fee to University as well according to the financial expense and the choice of your University in RMB.

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Documents required to apply to study MBBS in China:

Here are the list of scanned following documents that are required to apply for studying MBBS in China:

  • Copy of Passports 1st to11 pages
  • Recent photograph with white background
  • SSC and HSC Transcripts and Certificates (Matriculation and F.Sc/O-Levels and A-Levels)
  • Foreign physical examination form (latest)
  • Non-criminal certificate (latest)
  • Recent/Current bank statement of USD$ 6,000 or above (Own bank account or Family such as Parents)
  • Detailed CV containing names, ages, jobs, places of jobs, contact numbers of both the parents/guardian

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  • A minimum of 60% in (Matriculation and F.Sc/O-Levels and A-Levels) is required to apply to study MBBS in China.
  • The Universities represented by Scholarships International are currently accredited by WDOMS, WFME, FAIMER, WCAME, ECFMG and are also on the A List of PMC. In the future due to any reason, if the accreditation of the university you take admission is canceled, Scholarships International will bear no responsibility.
  • While studying in China, obey laws of the University and or China, and do not indulge in a fight or bad behavior on or off-campus and also keep 90% attendance in class.
  • The university reserves the right to accept or reject your application, and also reserves the right to expel students in case of any violation.

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