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How to Notarize Your Application Documents

Many students usually encounter notarization problems no matter where they apply. They don’t know where or how to notarize the documents, and they don’t understand why they have to do this. Our China Admissions Office wants to help you understand this process and why you have to do it

Why notarization is required?

It’s a way for universities to ensure the authenticity of your documents. Since universities usually do not return your application documents, you should not send your original documents to the university. You should send a notarized copy so that the school can know that they are genuine.
Do you need to notarize your documents?

If you apply for a Chinese government scholarship, or apply to certain universities, you need to notarize your documents. Normally, the university will tell you if it is necessary and what documents.

Normally if you need to send your documents by mail to the University you will need to get them notarized. If you are submitting them online normally you won’t need to get them notarized.

If you have translated your documents from another language into English or Chinese then you will usually need to provide a notarized translation.

Which documents do you have to notarize?

The documents you need to notarize are:

  • Academic
  • Transcript
  • Graduation
  • Certificate
  • Translated documents.
Notarize Your Application Documents
Notarize Your Application Documents

Where can you notarize documents?

Usually you need to be notarized in the country where you graduated. For example, if you graduated from a Chinese university, it is best to do a notarization in China. It is difficult to do this in other countries of the world.

Another way is that you can contact the university where you graduated, and they can sometimes help you notarize it. Many of them can provide you with a notarization, especially in the UK. You can contact them or search on their website and ask if they can do notarization for you.

Another option is to search online for a “notary public” with your city name. Mobile notaries will sometimes also travel to your location.

Be careful to allow enough time, and also take note that the process varies by location.

Is it free to notarize documents?

Notary public lawyer usually charge fee to attest documents depends on locally and internationally. Scholarships International offer service to Notarize your documents and deliver you online. We charge 50 PKR for each page Notarization and send you back through email or registered courier service.

Provide us your current mailing address
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload your clearly scanned documents in single pdf. You will get notarized documents through E mail [email protected] or registered courier services (charges applied 100 PKR)
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload payment proof for documents notary attestation 50 PKR for each page on easy paisa account 03138964001

For more details and information contact us here with Dr. Muhammad Moeen ud din at [email protected] or [email protected] or WhatsApp at +923138964001


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Why you need a Maritime attorney

Harbor pilot & u/s of American flag seafarer license – You’re required to earn a Harbor pilot license with ICAO certificate in order to pilot vessel in US waters. Required safety gear: Life jackets, buoyancy aids, ice picks, mooring lines, and emergency rescue equipment (flashlights and knives). DOT surface markings – The U.S. Coast Guard requires mariners to wear a DOT uniform in order to mark the boat, so you’ll need to either purchase or rent it. You can use your existing uniform and pay a small fee, or you can wear something nice, but plain (no collars or cuffs or watches). Diving gear – You’re also required to have a minimum of a certified diver certification to dive underwater.

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How to find the right attorney for your case

How to work with a great & reliable lawyer for Maritime Workers’ problems When you have had had your ship accident or maritime workers’ problem – How to hire the right lawyer for your case Right attorney for maritime workers’ problems. Did you know that you should not even try finding your trouble-free lawyer? If you’ve heard of a good lawyer, then you need to understand that even a good lawyer will help a lot. You should remember that you can hire the right attorney for your problems. In addition, you need to ask about the nature of the cases. In the next few paragraphs, you will understand what maritime workers need when hiring a Maritime Lawyer in Houston. When you have a maritime worker’s problem, you need to work together with a lawyer.

Hiring a Houston attorney 

Helping any employee or even jobseeker resolve any legal issues they might encounter in their work or other sectors, lawyers for Houston are here for you 24-7. It is very easy to find a personal lawyer to help you at one of our secured offices, located in Houston, TX. In fact, we serve all kinds of lawyer need for Maritime Workers nationwide, just like any other industry, risk for suffering work-related problems. A dedicated lawyer here, can help you out to solve your problem with ease. Hiring a Maritime Lawyer in Houston is the first step to making things better for you and your family. You’ll find that you are not alone, for we have over 30 years of experience in helping people who have experienced the symptoms of work-related diseases and ailments.


Knowledge in International Maritime Law is quite crucial for the Maritime Lawyer to get the respect from their clients. It is needed that they have a good comprehension in what is going on on the International Maritime Organizations like the International Maritime Arbitration Commission. They can help the clients in locating the litigation through the ports and jurisdiction. That is why they are always in demand in the Maritime sector.

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For more details and information contact us here with Dr. Muhammad Moeen ud din at [email protected] or [email protected] or WhatsApp at +923138964001

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