Chinese Government Scholarship Basic Requirements

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In this article Scholarships International is providing the most basic requirements for CSC or CGS Scholarships that are also knows as Chinese Government Scholarship. These fully funded scholarships are for all international students wishes to pursue studies in China in Undergraduate (BS), Graduate (MS), and Postgraduate (Ph.D). To apply for these scholarships prepare your documents for early application as the application time starts from September 1st to March last week in more than 250 Chinese institutions.

With the cooperation of Ministry of Education (MOE) the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) offer thousands of fully funded scholarships every year. For study under CSC scholarships, eligible students can apply by just submitting scholarship form ONLINE.

Scholarships International provide help and guide students all over the world to find scholarships, internships, exchange programs for BS MS and Ph.D. We Scholarships International are highly trained and experts to provide full educational consultation  services for MBBS or Medical admission in China, Russia, Indonesia and other countries as well. To apply for admission in MBBS or for other BS MS or Ph.D programs through Scholarships International Click here to apply admission online 

Basic Requirements for Chinese Government Scholarship

Host Country                       People’s Republic of China (P.R China)
Countries Eligible               International Students all over the world
Affiliated Universities        279+ Chinese Universities
Subjects   All Fields
Language(s)                        English/Chinese
Certificates   IELTS or HSK certificates (Not mandatory)
Medical Certificate            (Mandatory)

Required Documents List

  • Application Form (Fill up on CSC and University website)
  • Two Recommendation Letter (one for MS from associate/assistant Prof. and Two for Ph.D from Professor) Click here to Download
  • Highest Degree/Transcript/Diploma(Notarized)
  • Character Certificate from last attended institution
  • IELTS or English proficiency certificate (Mandatory)
  • Foreign Physical Examination Certificate Click here to Download
  • Research Proposal for MS and Study Plan for Ph.D Click here to Download Sample
  • Passport (Front page)
  • Passport size Pictures (white) background

Optional Documents for CSC Scholarship

  • Students having an Acceptance Letter will be preferred by high ranked Universities. Click here to Download sample. Note: Write an email to a professor at the host University for Acceptance with your research interest.
  • Police Clearance Certificate from local police station to ensure clearance of criminal records.
  • Curriculum vitae: 1-2 pages Click here to Download
  • Experience Letter: professional experience letter
  • Publication: Students who published articles in English in any of the well reputed general will be given priority

Key steps: for CSC Scholarship

Following steps are needed to complete your Scholarship form:

  1. Before starting with your application process get your required documents such as (diploma, degrees, and transcripts) attested from Notary public.
  2. CGS or CSC scholarship form should be filled ONLINE on CSC website for specifically chosen University under CSC with Agency Number written in Chinese or English language.
  3. Upload the required documents and submit application online at CSC website
  4. After submission of application at CSC website, open online application portal of the same University for which you already submitted application for CSC scholarship, then apply on same University website and submit application online.

Award Specifications:

Undergraduate BS Graduate MS and Ph.D students under CSC or CGS scholarships will get free study with tuitions, Chinese/English preparatory study, accommodation and medical insurance with a monthly stipend as described below.

Level Stipend Duration Criteria Age
Bachelors CNY 2500 RMB/month 4-5 years max. Student should be a high school graduate <25 years
Masters CNY 3000 RMB/month 2-3 years max. Student should be a Bachelor’s degree holder <35 years
PhD CNY 3500 RMB/month 3-4 years max. Student should be a Master’s degree holder <40 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Chinese Government Scholarship?

Students from all around the world are eligible for CSC Scholarship.

How to apply for CSC Scholarship?

First, choose one your favorite University, here is list of subject wise Universities under CSC, apply for scholarship at CSC official website, and provide required materials. The next step is to apply online on the CGS scholarship at University portal, complete all the steps. Chinese Government Scholarships Application Procedure 2021

Where to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship?

For scholarship application you have to apply at CGS or CSC portal first and provide all required information to management system for international students. Than for admission, apply to the University of your Choice directly here is list of subject wise Universities under CSC.

How to confirm if you win CSC Scholarship?

After submission of application at CGS or CSC portal the officials will review your documents and CSC will select most suitable and eligible candidates for the provision of scholarships.

When Chinese government scholarships are currently open?

Chinese Government Scholarships usually remains open starting from September till March for more than 250 Chinese Universities depending upon the University specific time frame.

How to write a research proposal?

A research plan states your plan for the tenure you are going to stay in China as well as how you are going to use your CSC scholarship. It also states the area for your research interest for Graduate and Ph.D. programs. Moreover, the information in your study plan should be comprehensive and brief. How to Write Effective Study Plan or Research Proposal for Scholarship

Where is the list of Chinese Universities offering CSC Scholarship?

Chinese universities that offer CSC or CGS scholarships will announce application details and deadlines on the CSC and their official website.  here is list of subject wise Universities under CSC.

Can you apply for CSC Scholarship in more than one University?

More than 250 Chinese Universities offers scholarships, and candidates may apply in this category for 3 Universities and 2 Universities for bilateral scholarship program.

For Video Guide of Complete Scholarships Application Process Follow Steps Given Bellow

Step 1 Select 3 universities according to your subject first: and here is the list of subject wise universities under CSC Click Here Step 2 How to find faculty or Professor for acceptance letter here is video to help you the process. This could be applied to all Universities Click Here
Step 3 Email to Professor and get acceptance: follow these instructions carefully Click Here Step 4  How to prepare documents or documents required Click Here 
Step 5 How to apply or fill CSC Scholarship application form online csc website Click Here  Step 6 How to fill up Scholarship application on University website Click Here

Click here Apply Admission Online

For more details and information contact us here with Dr. Muhammad Moeen ud din at [email protected] or [email protected] or WhatsApp at +923138964001

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